GOC Recruiting Partners

We greatly value partnership with our colleagues. To become our partner please follow the below steps.

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Recruiting Partner of GOC

GOC’s partnership with its network of education agents is very vital in achieving the set recruitment target of its partner education providers.

We greatly value the contribution provided by our student recruiting partners assisting students in deciding on their further education in Australia.

It's very easy & simple to become

Group of Colleges' Recruiting Partner

Complete an Agent Application Form

Complete an Agent Application Form and click on the submit button. One of GOC’s friendly staff will get in touch within 24 hours of receipt of your agent application form.

Reference Check

Upon receiving your completed application form and the required documents, our representative will contact your referees provided in the agent application form and will also contact you to request further information if needed.

Upon satisfactory receipt of referees’ feedback and assessment of your application. If your application has been successful we will send you an agent agreement. Shortly after signing the education agent agreement, you will be provided with a certificate of authorization.

Receiving the Marketing Materials

We will have a comprehensive induction and orientation. We will share with you the qualifications and scope of our partner education providers with their course flyers and marketing material available with us. The focal point will be nominated to facilitate communication and coordination of students applications, but for further information you can contact any our friendly staff if needed.