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Our attempt is to make your visa process easy and simple. Follow the steps below and get ready to fly abroad.

Select Your Course and Apply for Offer-01

Select Your Course and Apply for Offer

Check out our partner education providers courses outline and entry requirements from the website.

Provide Relevant Documents and Submit the Application

Please make sure you read and understand the requirements of the qualifications/course, and the terms and conditions of partner education provider mentioned in the enrolment form before you sign it.
Attach all relevant documents, such as certified copies of passport, education qualifications, English proficiency test result, working experience letters or work certificates if any.

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Receive Letter of Offer

If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of offer for your nominated course along with a written agreement.

Get GTE Approval and CoE

Return your completed application form and all the necessary support documents and e-mail it to:

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Get Visa and Fly-01

Get Visa and Fly

We have a team of education and migration agents assisting with your visa lodgement process.  Our visa success rate is very high because we are experience and expert team.

We Have Got You Covered

Our team assists you before and after visa to make sure of your comfort to the new land.

Assisting Education Providers

Whether you are a student, a recruitment agency or an education institution; we have invaluable plans to offer you.